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Carpet Care Kit with Teflon – Cleans & Repells Soil and Stains


This kit will help keep your car’s floor covering and mats clean. Especially effective when used in Teslas with the cream color carpeting.


Kit includes:

Duragloss #451 Carpet/Fabric cleaner which contains surfactants
that gently foam away soil, oil and grease from fabric and carpet.
19 oz aerosol

Duragloss #341 Carpet protectant which provides soil and stain repellency.
(Also works on Fabric Convertible tops)
8 oz. with sprayer

(2) Microfiber towels 15×15


$30.00 plus shipping




Product Description

First remove mats from your car.  Vacuum floor mats. Spray soiled areas with 451 carpet cleaner.
Wipe floor mats in a back and forth motion, not circular, with a WARM damp microfiber cloth.
Next, blot with a DRY microfiber towel, and allow carpet to completely dry – then vacuum once again.

After floor mats are bone dry,
Spray on 341 protectant and allow the heat from the sun to dry the mats, which will increase the dirt and stain repelency of the treatment.
For interior carpet (not mats) apply 341 when your car is outdoors with doors open to fully ventilate.
341 should not be sprayed in an enclosed environment.

These steps can be repeated as needed over time.