Read about the high-quality US Made Lloyd Mats, by clicking on the links below,
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You can order for example just the front seat floor mats,
or every mat available for your Tesla.

For Tesla, there are three carpet thickness choices and one all-weather mat choice.


Option 1: VELOURTEX Moderately Priced quality floor mats

Single Ply, 20oz per square yard Nylon yarn.
Description: Velourtex Mats features

Option 2: ULTIMAT  Best selling Lloyd mat - a quality upgrade compared to factory mats.

Double-ply, 32oz per square yard Nylon yarn.
Description: Ultimats Features

Option 3: LUXE  Premium, very thick carpet mats

Double ply, 48 ounce per square yard Scotchgard treated Nylon yarn.
Description: Luxe Mats Features


Custom Fit, all-weather mats for passenger cabin and trunk locations.
Description: Rubbertite Mats features